~ Caravan Storage ~

Annual Caravan Storage (outdoors) at Courte Vallee costs 365€ and includes an annual spring wash, plus the siting and levelling of your van on a pitch each time it comes out of store (which can be as many times as you like!).

Temporary storage is also available at a rate of 3 euros per day; for example, you may wish to visit France early in the season and leave your caravan in storage with a view to returning later in the summer. This avoids both the inconvenience of towing back to the UK and the associated high ferry costs.

The caravans are stored in a separate area of the site, on hard standing in a secure locked compound. If you let us know when you are due to arrive, your van will be sited on a pitch for you and leveled prior to your arrival. At the end of your stay we will tow it back into storage and secure any hitch lock or wheel clamp. We will, of course, tow your caravan out of storage at any time should you wish to tour with it. Barn storage is available in the highly secure covered barn very close to site this is 545€ per year.

We can usually offer covered storage in a large airey barn just a few minutes drive away.

Annual storage fees are payable on 1st March each year. Caravans coming into annual storage for the first time are charged from the date of entry, pro rata the annual rate, (works out at 1 euro per day for outdoor storage) until the end of the following February.

Caravans leaving annual storage during the year are charged either the annual storage fee, or the temporary daily storage rate from 1st March to the date of exit - whichever is the lesser amount.

We also have a fully qualified British caravan technician who is regularly on site and is happy to undertake annual servicing and any repairs to all vans and motorhomes. The qualified caravan engineer can also undertake any warranty work.

If insurance is required, we can recommend GAN Assurance in Thouars, where Caroline Pineau speaks excellent English. For a quote, telephone Caroline on 0033 549 66 19 85 or e-mail: thouars@gan.fr. Alternatively, Bruno Princay of Mutuelle de Poitiers Assurances is situated in Airvault itself and offers very competitive rates. He can be contacted on 0033 549 64 70 42 or e-mail agence.bruno.princay@mutpoitiers.fr